Unveiling "Doctor in a Box" at Mobile World Congress

mwc2011_2_r1_c1Two years ago we launched the ng Connect Program at Mobile World Congress 2009. And in those two years, we showed the world things that it had never seen before, including a number of solution concepts developed by Alcatel-Lucent and various companies from our 50+ members, including the innovative LTE Connected Car. At Mobile World Congress 2011, we brought with us two great solution concepts, including the Enhanced Telehealth Manager (ETHM).

The ETHM is a prototype of a medical kit with LTE connectivity that could help millions of people with high blood pressure or diabetic disease. I was overwhelmed and surprised with the attraction this concept had. Before the show, it was clear what benefits this could have in first and second world countries — the ETHM will assist patients to better manage their disease, help care providers to be proactive partners in helping patients, and lower the cost for governments to provide healthcare. However, the surprise to me was how applicable the ETHM is also to less developed countries where the patients are far removed from modern healthcare and travel is cost prohibitive. The ETHM is their “doctor in a box”.

mwc2011_1_r1_c1With the “doctor in a box” things such as measuring diabetic blood glucose and hypertension is done over a secure 3G or 4G cellular network.  Doctors can then routinely gather patient data to track and monitor patients remotely.  Many who looked at the Enhanced Telehealth Manager were interested in what could be deployed today, as well as what could be enabled with an ultra-high bandwidth 4G/LTE wireless connection.

Mobile World Congress stands alone in its importance to showcase the “connected” world with style. A sea of dark formal clothing was everywhere, and something I observed from a cross-over bridge. It felt like 2011 brought more visitors than last year, In fact some halls were so crowded that they were virtually impossible to go through. 

The show is matched by the city that holds it.  Barcelona is a beautiful and vibrant city. Every time I walk down the street of La Rambla there is something going on. One night there was even fireworks and everyone cheered and really enjoyed the show. It was a great end to a great show!

Dai T. Nguyen

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