The World Would Be a Better Place with More Connectivity

Connectivity has changed the way we do business. It has fundamentally improved how we get directions, how we use our phones and how we interact with companies. And yet, there are some experiences that could benefit greatly from being engaged in the connected experiences but don’t. Here’s my wish list.

1. Doctor’s Offices
It’s a shame that the only way to interact with your doctor’s office is to call to schedule an appointment. So much could be done via calendar sharing, email and medical records shared electronically through mobile apps.

2. Customer Service
You’ve probably emailed a company through its website only to never hear back. Despite pretending to use other means of communication, customer service is still phone driven. But studies show that using social media, chat and other interactive means of connectivity can save money on customer service staff as well as improve customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Retail Experience
Go to Amazon, and you can see customer reviews and buy any color or size item you want. Go to the store, and all you get is the ability to pick up the item and look at it up close. But what if you could scan the barcode and order the size the store is out of to be delivered to your house? Or see reviews of the product on your phone? Tweet it to your friends and ask them to buy it for your birthday? Stores are missing out on serious revenue by not being better connected to their customers.

4. Connected Car Entertainment Systems
Sure, kids can load up a DVD or video game console in the back seat of the car with tons of bulky disks, but that’s so 2000. Where’s the Netflix connection? Updated news and weather? Twitter stream? We spend so much time in our cars that it seems crazy that Bluetooth devices are the furthest we’ve gotten.

5. Real Smart TVs
We’ve seen a splash of smart TVs, all of which have basically failed. People aren’t chucking the flatscreen TVs they bought five years ago in favor of Google TV or similar services. We spend so much time on our phones and computers that the family television(s) should be an extension of our experiences on those devices.

I hope that we’ll see more connectivity in these areas in the coming years. In the meantime, stay tuned as I will unveil my vision on how each of these areas could be better connected.

Tirrell Payton
BT Software and Research, Inc

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