The IoT Community is off to a blazing start

  • ng Connect achievements in 1Q2016
  • IOT Community launch at Mobile World Congress and growing momentum
  • Looking forward to (lots of) IOT activities

One of the goals of the ng Connect Program is to accelerate market adoption of new technologies and business models.  We are all in the business of developing, selling and delivering great products, solutions and experiences.  Anything that can help shape the market towards these is good, anything that can accelerate market traction is even better.  We love acceleration.

Yet sometimes I wish time would slow down.  It feels like just the day before yesterday, we were in Las Vegas with some of our members dissecting the latest CES trends.  It feels like it was yesterday that we launched our new IOT Community at Mobile World Congress, with so many early members.   Time is flying, and every hour brings its share of new opportunities, new ideas and new solutions from every part of the globe, leaving little time to pause and look back at the work already accomplished.

We have come a long way since January 1st.  On January 14th, we announced that the new founding member of the ng Connect Program was Nokia and that the company was eager to develop the ecosystem even further, in particular with the acceleration of the Internet of Things.

Barely a month after that – the newly organized company really hit the ground running after the integration of Alcatel-Lucent , ng Connect Program realizations were prominently featured on the Nokia booth at Mobile World Congress, and the IOT Community was launched as a sub-community with 40 members from day one.  The goal of this community is to capitalize on the success and past experience of the ng Connect Program to deliver the full potential of the Internet of Things in key markets, such as the automotive industry, smart cities, utilities or healthcare.

To say the least, the ng Connect Program already had a head start on IoT for these markets, with years of experience developing a portfolio of innovative solution concepts such as connected cars and vehicle fleets, next-generation energy, public safety and smart cities solutions.  Among the demonstrations proposed to showcase ng Connect Program IOT contributions were:

  • the Connected Field Technician following a successful market trial with Chorus in New Zealand, completed in 2105
  • the Connected Bus Shelter, following another successful trial in Auckland, New Zealand, also completed in 2015
  • Smart Building Energy Management with an ongoing market trial with NCTU in Taiwan
  • Healthcare Access for All, with another ongoing market trial providing quality healthcare to remote locations in Taiwan

The list of members involved in these market trials is too long to name them individually, but I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to them for all their efforts and good work.  To find out about them and their contributions, visit the ng Connect and IOT Community websites.

Another month barely went by, and we officially launched a Live 4k Video Streaming for Tourism  market trial in Chattanooga, TN, working closely with ng Connect Program members EPB, NEC, Tennessee Aquarium, Leyard (Planar) and with the CVB and the Airport of Chattanooga.  Beyond the technical prowess of streaming live 4k video which requires best of breed network and endpoints, this trial demonstrates the value of dynamic, live content over other traditional or digital signage solutions, as it shows that more viewers are engaged, with broader demographics and for a longer time.

As we are looking to the coming weeks and the rest of the year, things continue to accelerate.  Most of the above-mentioned projects continue in one form or the other, being expanded with new features and additional components.  New initiatives are already under way, that will lead to market trials in the areas of smart energy, smart city and smart banking.  There are opportunities in the public safety sector to refresh and reap the benefits of the trial conducted with Las Vegas Police Department, as they tested solutions enabled by the coming deployment of FirstNet.  And finally, new projects will stem from each of the upcoming member meetings and ideation sessions in New Zealand in May (smart cities), in the Silicon Valley in July (automotive), and this fall in Europe.

In the meantime, new members of the ng Connect Program and new additions to the IoT Community – Welcome! – continue to add new capabilities and new perspectives to our growing ecosystem.

So acceleration is good, the speed at which this industry is moving is breathtaking, and the way our ecosystem continues to react to, and often anticipate technology and business trends is a testimony to its sound foundations and great community of companies.  Today, I want to stop the time and shout out a big thank you to all our ng Connect Program members.  They are the true brains and true wealth of this Program.  Tomorrow, I want to find the slo-mo button on my watch, in a desperate, probably doomed-to-fail attempt to manufacture more time for us to deliver on all the promising projects and opportunities ahead of us.

Join us for the fun, if you have not done so yet, or stay tuned for exciting times ahead!

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