Virtual Personal Stylist
Past Service Concept

This service concept showcases an enriched retail experience made possible by 3D telepresence, video conferencing, cloud computing and ultra-high bandwidth connectivity. These program members developed an augmented reality shopping experience providing consumers with professional, personalized styling advice based on the shopper’s online profile. Whether shopping in a store, at home on a PC or on-the-go with a Samsung Galaxy Tab, the online profile and avatar are always retrievable and provide accurate measurements. The demonstration shows how a shopper can visualize his or her look in the virtual reality “mirror” using virtual clothing based on AQUA apparel provided by upscale retail icon Bloomingdale’s, as well as receive recommendations from editors at the world’s #1 fashion brand ELLE, and beauty industry global leader L’Oréal USA, including cosmetics and skincare products. The service concept illustrates how new technology and cloud-based processing enables retailers and brands to benefit from increased customer loyalty, reduced returns, and increased advertising effectiveness by providing innovative shopping experiences to consumers. The benefits also extend to service providers who can increase revenue and entry into new value chains through high bandwidth services and enablers like location-based services, next gen advertising, billing, and rating services.


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