Retail Concierge
Past Service Concept

The retail themed sign is designed to be interactive for the user. New features have been added to traditional signage features, such as RSS feeds, store advertising, and video streams. In addition, interactivity is highlighted with the ability for a user to contact a product expert by setting up an IMS based video call from the sign to a call center. The video call context can be transferred to a user device, so that the user can reconnect with the expert when not present at the sign. Other new features include the ability to have video with selectable objects for advertising and added user interaction with the sign through NFC and a mobile application.


Identifying the Opportunity

At the highest level, we identify a business need in a specific market, quantify the revenue potential of addressing that need, and illustrate how the service concept uniquely achieves this. These high-level documents are publicly available. More detailed Business Model information is available to ng Connect members or by request to non-members with a business interest in the concept.

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Retail Concierge Overview

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