Connected Health and Wellness
Past Service Concept

This service concept demonstrates how a service provider can offer consumer and professional tele-health services that interwork to improve the quality of healthcare. The consumer service empowers individuals with the tools needed to manage their own health and wellness.  With the assistance of a healthcare specialist, the user of this service can create a personalized health and wellness program.  Following the program is made easy by automated data collection, food selection and data analytics coupled with real-time alerts and recommendations to help the consumer make choices for optimal health.  Sharing this information with the consumer’s doctor is accomplished via an integrated personal health record (PHR) system. The professional tele-health service provides patients with a private and secure environment for interacting remotely with their medical practitioners.  The video conferencing system utilizes life-size images and eye contact for the most realistic telepresence experience possible. Documents from the patient’s PHR system can be shared during the consultation using a separate collaboration display to provide the most realistic experience possible.


Identifying the Opportunity

At the highest level, we identify a business need in a specific market, quantify the revenue potential of addressing that need, and illustrate how the service concept uniquely achieves this. These high-level documents are publicly available. More detailed Business Model information is available to ng Connect members or by request to non-members with a business interest in the concept.

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