ng Connect to promote industry-led collaborative innovation Australia

Alcatel-Lucent has announced the launch of its global ngConnect orchestrated innovation program in Australia.

ng Connect will formally launch at an industry event featuring Australian broadband and innovation leaders to be held at the NBN Discover Centre, North Sydney on Wednesday 30 October 2013.

Alcatel-Lucent Director, Emerging Technology Commercialisation, Liza Noonan said: “We think there is great momentum across Australia’s digital innovation sector and we’re very excited to be launching ngConnect, as an industry-led initiative, to be part of such an exciting environment.

The formal launch ngConnect in Australia follows confirmation of NBN Co as Alcatel-Lucent’s foundation Australian ngConnect partner in June 2013. Alcatel-Lucent aims to attract a broad group of Australian developers, researchers, service providers and other stakeholders to further build ngConnect and create collaborative business concepts for commercialisation in Australia and abroad.

Noonan said: “As Australia moves to further establish a ubiquitous ultra-broadband infrastructure, the opportunity for Australian innovators to collaborate together and with global peers is now firmly on the agenda. We think industry has an important role to play ensuring great innovation reaches the market and that is what we aim to facilitate with ngConnect.”

“There is broad acknowledgement of the efficiency and productivity benefits enabled by broadband networks, but there are really only unlocked by services and applications that solve real problems and deliver meaningful business outcomes for those behind them.”

“Australia is in a unique position to accelerate these types of developments and that’s why Alcatel-Lucent is investing to join with the local innovation sector to hopefully provide an additional innovation spur.”

Active since 2008, the ng Connect Program brings together infrastructure, device, application and content companies to create an end-to-end ecosystem with all the resources and expertise required to rapidly deliver next generation services and applications to service providers, enterprises and consumers. It has amassing over 225 members including Sprint, Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, Atlantic Records and HP.

Alcatel-Lucent has selected Australia and New Zealand as the first markets outside North America for the expansion of ngConnect.

“The significant investments and structural changes being made through Australia’s NBN and UFB in New Zealand mean these markets are uniquely placed to accelerate broadband service and application development. We’re tremendously excited about the opportunity and potential to work with innovative local players in these environments.”

ng Connect’s first New Zealand ideation workshop was recently held in Auckland, where partner Chorus hosted 70 local innovators to explore proposals for development and execution via the ng Connect ecosystem. A similar process is expected for Australia in the first half of 2014.

For more information and to attend the Australian ng Connect launch, contact Liza Noonan at

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