ng Connect Program Transforms How We Shop; New Retail Concept Combines Online and In-Store Experiences for Next Generation Networks

Six New Solution Concepts Debut at CES; New Ways to Shop for Clothes, Beauty Products, Music, Games

Las Vegas, CES 2011 Booth #35469 – January 5, 2011 —New broadband IP networks are poised to change industries with new services, business models and consumer experiences based on increased performance and capabilities. The retail industry can take advantage of these next generation networks, including 4G/LTE to create new shopping experiences for customers and new business opportunities for retailers, device manufacturers, content providers and service providers. The ng Connect Program, founded by Alcatel-Lucent(Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), will showcase six new retail-focused solution concepts that highlight the benefits provided by high bandwidth networks. The demos will be shown in the Alcatel-Lucent Booth #35469 located on the second floor of the South Hall at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6-9, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

“With the arrival of powerful new 4G/LTE networks, a wide range of new business and service opportunities are possible for retailers, brand manufacturers and network operators. The ng Connect Program’s new solution concepts at CES 2011 serve as examples of innovative retail service concepts developed by our members to create compelling and convenient customer retail experiences which have great potential to drive new revenue, improve advertising effectiveness and increase customer loyalty,” stated Steve West, vice president, Emerging Technology and Media, Alcatel-Lucent.

Six Big Ideas for Retail

The solution concepts highlighted at CES reflect new services, applications and business models made possible by Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks and cloud-based services to drive new opportunities across the retail value chain. Consumers expect to be connected constantly and have access to needed information immediately to make decisions about travel, restaurants and entertainment on-the-go; why should the shopping experience be any different? The new demonstrations created by the ng Connect Program showcase the opportunity presented by emerging next generation networks to give users an immediate, personalized experience and allow retailers, content providers and service providers to increase brand awareness, customer attraction and retention, advertising effectiveness and sales.

In fact, a recent Alcatel-Lucent poll of consumers around the globe reveals that more than half of the respondents would be more likely to visit a store that had connected in-store devices and applications over ones that did not.

ng Connect Program members have developed the following solution concepts highlighted at CES 2011 which leverage the performance and capacity of 4G/LTE networks to create new opportunities for network operators, manufacturers, retailers and consumers:

  • Virtual Personal Stylist – Alcatel-Lucent, HFMUS, Samsung, TelePresence Tech, [TC]2, Vidyo, and VisionMax showcase an enriched retail experience made possible by 3D telepresence, video conferencing, cloud computing and ultra-high bandwidth connectivity. These program members developed an augmented reality shopping experience providing consumers with professional, personalized styling advice based on the shopper’s online profile. Whether shopping in a store, at home on a PC or on-the-go with a Samsung Galaxy Tab™, the online profile and avatar are always retrievable and provide accurate measurements. The demonstration shows how a shopper can visualize his or her look in the virtual reality “mirror” using virtual clothing based on AQUA apparel provided by upscale retail icon Bloomingdale’s, as well as receive recommendations from editors at the world’s #1 fashion brand ELLE, and beauty industry global leaderL’Oréal USA, including cosmetics and skincare products. The solution concept illustrates how new technology and cloud-based processing enables retailers and brands to benefit from increased customer loyalty, reduced returns, and increased advertising effectiveness by providing innovative shopping experiences to consumers. The benefits also extend to service providers who can increase revenue and entry into new value chains through high bandwidth services and enablers like location-based services, next gen advertising, billing, and rating services.
  • Gametime Media Table – Alcatel-Lucent, Brass Monkey and MediaTile created anetwork-connected table which provides advertisements and media in a variety of retail and hospitality environments, enticing customers to “try before you buy” to encourage purchases. In this showcase demo at CES 2011, the user can play the Suzuki Kizashi™ Ring of Fire racing game using a smartphone as a controller, a feature which utilizes technology developed by Brass Monkey. Additionally, the demonstration will highlight how potential advertising opportunities can be integrated into the service with a featured Suzuki advertisement. A boat racing competition and Bit-101’s Falling Balls game will also be available with the option to simulate the purchase of the game allowing attendees to take the game on the road at CES via their mobile phone.
  • Global Bazaar – Alcatel-Lucent and TelePresence Tech worked together to develop an interactive virtual storefront which demonstrates how small producers and manufacturers from around the world can sell their products and extend their global reach through a shared digital retail kiosk in a mall, train station, entertainment venue, or other settings where retail space is not available but there could be interested shoppers. Customers select a location and vendor on the kiosk touchpad, and products appear in 3D on the kiosk allowing them to view before making a purchase. Customers can also see interactive videos, purchase items and arrange for shipment or make a donation to a sponsoring charity or organization.
  • Media Hotspot – Alcatel-Lucent, Atlantic Records and MediaTile developed a new digital age jukebox concept – perfect for hospitality or small retail environments – that allows consumers the opportunity to purchase their favourite music, movies and more via their mobile phone taking advantage of 4G/LTE connectivity. The Media Hotspot also provides Wi-Fi access to encourage patrons to purchase new media content and surf the web.They can listen to or view their chosen content later on any device.
  • Virtual Concierge – Alcatel-Lucent, Infrared5, MediaTile, and Samsung created an LTE-connected 2-way video interactive digital platform application providing information – directions, rules, events details or interactive pushed content – through access to a real person, in the language of a traveler’s choice. 4G/LTE connectivity enables placement in any location with a power outlet. Now travellers in airports, hotels and more can get instant answers to their most pressing questions answered immediately in a personalized manner.
  • Virtual Venue – Alcatel-Lucent has created a solution concept that allows a fan to experience the best of at-home viewing while in a stadium watching the big game or rock concert. In this demonstration, fans can purchase food and merchandise with a mobile device for delivery to their seat. Fans can access instant replays and live video camera feeds via LTE video support. Finding the bathrooms and concessions also just got easier with location mapping to venue facilities with a video link. The Virtual Venue also enables access to player stats and supports user-generated content and messaging. Businesses and service providers benefit from increased sales, entry into new value chains through high bandwidth services and increased customer loyalty.

About The ng Connect Program

The ng Connect Program is dedicated to the creation of the new generation connected user experience.  With its dynamic multi-industry membership, and in cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent’s Gravity Center and Global Customer Innovation Program, the organization drives relevance and new business models through orchestrated innovation.  Founded by Alcatel-Lucent, ng Connect is comprised of more than 125 Collaborating and Associate member companies including leading network, consumer electronics, application and content providers.

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