Brass Monkey® Joins ng Connect Program; Showcases Immersive Interactivity Mobile Technology at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

Turns phones Into controllers for convenient, fast interaction over networks for enhanced digital marketing, gaming experiences

Las Vegas, NV (January 5, 2011) — Brass Monkey®, today announced it has joined the ng Connect program and will showcase its new immersive mobile technology in a new solution concept from the program, the Gametime Media Table demonstration in the Alcatel-Lucent booth #35469, South Hall Upper during the Consumer Electronics Show from January 6th- 9th, 2011.

ng Connect is the telecom industry’s leading ecosystem for the creation of next-generation fixed and mobile broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) and other high bandwidth technologies.

Brass Monkey® technology allows devices to communicate with and control experiences over a Wi-Fi network with blazingly fast interaction.

“Through our membership in the ng Connect Program, we will bring the Brass Monkey controller technology to potential content providers, game companies, ad agencies, and resellers by offering immersive interactivity between smart phones, online gaming and digital marketing campaigns,” said Jim Bull, CEO of Brass Monkey.

Brass Monkey collaborated with other ng Connect Program members on the Gametime Media Table concept, a network-connected table which provides advertisements and media in a variety of retail and hospitality environments, enticing customers to “try before you buy” to encourage purchases. In this showcase demo at CES 2011, the user can play the Suzuki Kizashi™ Ring of Fire racing game using a smartphone as a controller, a feature which utilizes technology developed by Brass Monkey. Additionally, the demonstration will highlight how potential advertising opportunities can be integrated into the service with a featured Suzuki advertisement. A head-to-head Brass Monkey-enabled Boat Racing competition will also be available with the option to simulate the purchase of the game allowing attendees to take the game on the road at CES via their mobile phone.

”We’re pleased to have Brass Monkey join the ng Connect Program and bring their expertise in software development, mobile applications and immersive experiences to our collaborative work,” stated Steve West, Vice President, Emerging Technology and Media Group, Alcatel-Lucent and founding member, ng Connect Program. “Brass Monkey was instrumental in helping us connect devices to the Gametime Media Table to simulate the ease and convenience this retail solution for next generation networks can deliver to consumers, retailers, and content providers.”

About Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey’s patent pending technology transforms an iPhone or other smart device into an intuitive controller for web-based single or multi-player games. Through Brass Monkey software, experiences previously available on game consoles like Nintendo Wii are now possible using WiFi enabled electronics. Brass Monkey provides fully immersive experiences of all kinds with displays ranging from personal computers, Internet enabled TVs, kiosks and large billboards. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Brass Monkey’s mission is to build and deploy developer tools that will become the worldwide standard for use in connecting mobile devices and displays. Further information can be found at


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