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The ng Connect portfolio of solution concepts, business models and market trials is the key to faster time to market, and to visibility and credibility with customers.

Solution Concepts

Solution concepts are prototype services in areas that touch our lives, including Retail, Health and Wellness, Entertainment, Financial Services, Transportation, Utilities and the Public Sector. Solution concepts include technologies from ng Connect member companies, along with business models and primary research to further test the market validity of a potential service offering. As well as current Solution Concepts, you can also view past Solution Concepts.

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Market Trials

ng Connect market trials gauge the viability of solution concept prototypes. ng Connect identifies market trial candidates, trains participants, conducts and analyzes end user surveys and focus groups, identifies purchase barriers and analyzes ROI.

Healthcare for remote areas

Taiwan has been operating their healthcare system as a single payer system for about 20 years now. So far they have been able to keep costs at a reasonable level. Costs have been lower compared to other countries due to their single payer system but also because demographics have been favorable. Demographics are rapidly shifting now and will accelerate the cost of providing services. This trend, coupled with the country’s objective of providing equal access to healthcare for everyone will drive the cost of the system upward in the near future.

In anticipation, Taiwan has numerous initiatives underway to find ways to increase access and quality while decreasing costs. One of these initiatives involves performing certain services remotely and streaming the information via high speed networks to central locations for analysis and advice. This requires high speed networks and new applications. This market trial will assess the impact of the solution on access to health care and physician productivity in rural settings.

Nokia, in collaboration with ng Connect members, Calgary Scientific and SoftFoundry, developed a solution featuring remote consultation, high quality video-conferencing and high quality, secure, medical image sharing.

Championed by Dr. Chao-Bin Hsu, the solution allows the doctors to conduct remote consultations and the market trial is assessing the impact of remote teleconsultation tools to improve physician productivity, healthcare costs and access in rural settings. “This solution provides very clear, high quality video and medical images, whether I am in Daren or Tuban. I can travel less and spend more time with patients, in person or remotely. It also gives me more time to research cases with experts, so my judgment is correct. We will make full use of it with support from Taitung”, said Dr. Hsu.



4K video streaming for tourism

The “Gig City” of Chattanooga is a leader in transforming into a “smart” or “livable” city. The transformation is enabled by the broadband network deployed throughout the city by EPB. This afforded an opportunity to test the impact of live 4K video streaming on viewers. Live video was streamed from the Tennessee Aquarium to the Chattanooga Airport during the spring of 2016. In addition to the Nokia-powered IP network of EPB, the trial relied on a 4K UHD display from Planar, and a facial recognition solution developed by NEC, running on Intel small NUC computers equipped with standard cameras to track viewers. Nokia’s IMPACT platform was used for analytics.

Early results of the trial indicate that an attractive, well-placed, UHD 4K display showing live streaming video can have an impact on viewers actually visiting an attraction. The trial compares anonymous MAC addresses at both locations to assess this correlation. The trial also highlights the ability to analyze the viewers across many dimensions including age, gender, dwell time, and viewing distance, and to compare the differences between signage showing live streaming versus fixed artwork. These results will provide data points in understanding the ROI to the economics of the city go beyond just the attraction displayed.  The application note can be found at


Smart campus energy management

NCTU (National Chiao Tung University) is a leading university in Taiwan. In collaboration with Nokia and the ng Connect Program, the university aims to create a smart campus that can be used as a test bed for smart city technologies, applications, and the IoT (Internet of things). This Smart Campus initiative consists of three main components – establish a leading edge network infrastructure on the campus, deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that can be used to monitor and manage devices, IoT connections, and perform data collection and analytics functions, and working with professors and students on campus to create, test and trial the new applications and services on campus.

The first work stream was to build the infrastructure including deploying a GPON infrastructure in the Jiao Ying building of NCTU. An energy management solution, based on video analytics sensing occupancy levels, has been implemented and energy saving is being tracked. Savings are expected to be 11-15%.

“By working together, Nokia, ng Connect members and NCTU not only made the NCTU campus well connected with gigabit networking experience, we also made the campus smarter”, said Dr. Mau-Chung Frank Chang, Chancellor of NCTU. The application note can be found at


Connected bus shelter

Traditional bus shelters are quickly becoming obsolete. Outside of aesthetics, bus shelters have remained the same for ages. This is changing. New technologies and applications are now being used that enable bus shelters to be much more. Within the context of a smart community, bus shelters equipped with ultra-broadband connections can come alive, improve user experiences, and enable new business opportunities. This report describes the scope of a market trial of new, modern shelters with ultra-broadband connections that was recently performed in Auckland, New Zealand. It presents the results and key findings and outlines the opportunities for future applications.

The Connected Bus Shelter Report is available at Innovation-2020-Connected_Bus_Shelter_Report


Connected service technician

Connected Service Technician (CST) is a solution concept that was recently trialed in Auckland, NZ with Chorus, a wholesale provider of telecommunications infrastructure in New Zealand.. The CST is enabled by a number of ng Connect member companies whose technologies are integrated and provided via a Connected Service Vehicle (CSV).

To address problems such as work order inefficiencies, technician delays, error-prone manual processes and marginally satisfied customers, members of the ng Connect Program — led by Nokia and its Motive and Velocix divisions along with Apptricity® Corporation and Trimble’s ThingMagic® division — designed a solution concept in conjunction with VisionStream, Vidyo and Netcomm Wireless to support the Connected Service Technican (CST) vision conceived by Chorus.  The results of the market trial indicate time and cost savings in areas of inventory management, installation, service provisioning, customer notification, tool and inventory tracking, and electronically automated forms. These results are likely applicable to any field service operation, not just that of a network provider.

The Connected Service Technician Application Note is available at here.



Public safety trial

Nokia in conjunction with Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) applied for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Experiment License for 4G LTE B14 (758-768 MHz and 788-798 MHz blocks) to create a test network for evaluation of new and legacy services.    The B14 spectrum has been allocated to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), which is an independent authority within the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), to build a high speed National Broadband Network for public safety.  The trial ended in October 2013.

The ng Connect members that participated in the trial were Vidyo, LiveViewGPS, iGoLogic, Coban Technologies, NEC, ThingMagic and Nokia. In addition, ng Connect member, Mutualink, demonstrated interoperability of an iPhone application over Band 14 LTE with a P25 Public Safety radio.


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