ng Connect shows power at Distributech 2017

Distributech 2017 has just closed its door on a pretty busy edition that saw the Internet of Things gain further traction in that industry sector, as utilities continue to modernize their infrastructure. Smart infrastructure, asset management, analytics, cybersecurity or DERMS* were among the many buzzwords that echoed throughout the exhibit hall of the San Diego convention center.

While ng Connect and its IoT Community were featured on the Nokia booth and garnered their fair share of interest from visitors, the ecosystem was in fact truly showcased across the floor with an impressive turnout of ng Connect members, including more than a dozen of them showcasing or presenting their solutions for utilities.

Companies like BEC Technologies, Dell, EPB, Intel, Kitu Systems, NEC, Nokia, Orbiwise, Planar (a Leyard company), Sierra Wireless, Sprint, Taoglas, Telematics Wireless, and Trimble demonstrated an impressive set of solutions ranging from communication infrastructure (antennas, gateways, networks), sensors, storage, displays, and drones, to software platforms and services.

There is hardly a better way to realize the impact of our ecosystem in the utility industry today, and the collective potential we have to shape its future by collaborating on new solutions and business models.

Let’s join forces and ensure that at the next edition of Distributech, our group will demonstrate more innovative, disruptive and ground-breaking solutions and business models, tested and validated in real life through market trials.

Some initiatives are under way already.  But we can achieve much more, so please join the effort, whether you were at Distributech or not, whether you are an existing or future ng Connect member, and let’s transform the utility industry, the service experience and the value chain!

*Distributed Energy Resource Management System

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