ng Connect Powers the Next Generation of Young Mexicans

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of representing Alcatel-Lucent and the ng Connect Program at the Telefonica-Movistar Campus Party event in Mexico City.

The Campus Party is an annual week-long event that brings young participants together to share their experiences and perform different activities involving the internet, innovation, digital creativity, science and entertainment, and is recognized as the largest electronic entertainment online event in the world.  The event hosted more than 6,000 “Campuseros” and was sponsored in part by Alcatel-Lucent Mexico.

At the Alcatel-Lucent booth, ng Connect showcased four solution concepts.  Mobile Enhanced Reality (MER) drew a lot of excitement among the youngsters as they saw new ways they could use their indispensable cell phones to interact with digital media purchases and share them with friends.  Digital Signage also had a stellar presence with the award-winning LTE-Enabled Interactive Digital Signage solution concept; most attendees right away dreamed up countless applications of the technology for healthcare, hospitality, transportation, public information and dynamic advertising.  The LTE Connected Camera wowed the professional photographers who visited the booth, their eyes twinkling in anticipation of a new tool guaranteed to streamline their workflow and generate additional revenue.  Finally, the LTE Connected Car flash demo and videos left folks pining for those “amazing” services in their personal vehicles, as Mexicans routinely spend a good amount of their days on congested roadways.

Alcatel-Lucent also showcased our Application Enablement strategy in action through a “Developers Area”.  There, we helped translate the language of networks for the young developers through a series of conferences.  We also held a “Hackathon” contest for the best application that uses our OpenAPI Service, and featured an “Idea Tree” in our booth, where young developers could share their views and ideas about new application concepts.

A salient theme throughout the event, which is central to Mexico and most of Latin America, was “Digital Inclusion“.  The public nature of the event allowed organizers to invite hundreds of children from elementary schools to have “Digital Baptisms,” where the kids experienced their first contact not only with broadband technology, but with computers.

Our customers were delighted by the innovation displayed by Alcatel-Lucent and ng Connect.  But more importantly, the children marveled at the capabilities of the new 4G/LTE mobile broadband technology that will most likely be dismissed as “ancient” by the time they become young adults.  Events like this make the focus of ng Connect worthwhile and fun, and ultimately show us just how quickly technology can change and impact our daily lives.

For more details, check out my on-site interview with Contact Forum:  and our Facebook and Flickr pages for a few cool photos from the event.

— Silvio Fernandez, Alcatel-Lucent

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