ng Connect Members Meeting, February 2014

The last ng Connect meeting was held over the 26 and 27 of February at the Chorus Co-Innovation Lab. The meeting focussed on the Technologies, challenges and possible outcomes for citizens as Auckland evolves into a Smart City.

The first day focussed on the specific elements that go into the making of a Smart City which provided a wealth of knowledge from a range of specialists in the area of Smart Cities. The speakers were;

Marrianne Archibald – Digital Facilitator at Wanganui District Council

Ludo Campbell-Reid – Manager of Environmental Strategy and Policy at Auckland Council.

Charles Walker – Associate Proffesor at AUT’s Colab

Damien McQuarrie – Finance Manager at Metrix

Day two was centred around working through the ng Connect ideation framework. The purpose of this was to help the attendees identify potential problems and opportunities in small groups. Attendees were also tasked wiith coming up with possible solutions to these problems using specific Smart City services and applications.

Click here to see the highlights video from the February meeting.

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