ng Connect in Tinseltown at Digital Hollywood

The ng Connect program has been active in Digital Hollywood events since its inception.  With a founding ng Connect principal to bring together companies and industries that wouldn’t typically collaborate on innovation and new business models, the content industries were ready for the ecosystem.  As you look at various Service Concepts, you’ll see National Geographic, Warner Brothers, Pandora, Wcities, Brass Monkey; these all came from introductions at Digital Hollywood.

As a lead on the Business Development side of things, I attend a fair number of the trade conferences.  It is a great ecosystem development opportunity, because you can speak with so many intriguing companies in one place.  There is a real desire on the part of media, advertising, distributor and aggregation entities to learn more about what high bandwidth networks mean to them and, of course, insight into what others are doing in the marketplace.  We share these contacts with the ng Connect membership and we hope that as you consider what ecosystem activities makes sense for your company, you go through the membership list provided on the website.

Additionally, as you attend various events in your industries, we encourage you to  become an Ambassador for the program and try your hand at the recruitment process.  We can be most effective when we work together on the program.  The stronger the membership, the more the exposure to business opportunities related to the program.  It’s easy!  Just direct the prospects to or to me directly at

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