Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as a game-changer for ng Connect members

Forward looking network operators around the globe have identified Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as a game-changer which can fundamentally transform the composition of their infrastructures and create a new operational model that guarantees them a better future. This initiative is paramount to successfully reinvigorating the telecommunications industry with a new level of service agility and an optimized cost basis that will be necessary to prevail in an environment of exponential data growth.

By adopting NFV, they will soon have the capabilities to quickly:

  • Deploy, operate, maintain and scale virtualized Network Functions which were previously physical Network Functions
  • Utilize network functions in entirely new ways; for example — deploying a private LTE Evolved Packet Core for M2M application traffic
  • Rapidly Evaluate, Deploy and Maintain Next Generation Services

This ecosystem has an opportunity to take advantage of this trend; particularly when it comes to the 3rd point. An operator can now or very soon import a 3rd party application template; perform a limited trial and elastically scale the reach if the application is a success. If your application is not cloud ready and you’d like some assistance onboarding the application onto the Alcatel-Lucent cloud; we can assist. Our operator customers are asking for these 3rd party application templates to help them evaluate next generation services and realize new revenue.

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