Zephyr Technology, www.ZephyrAnywhere.com, is a global leader in real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring or “Physiological Status Monitoring” (PSM) solutions for Connected Health, Fitness and the Academic Research markets. Zephyr Technology leverages a world class team of engineers, scientists, physiologists and business experts. Founded in 2003, Zephyr Technology has been a pioneer in the use of PSM in training and high stress operational environments. The company’s ongoing collaboration with fire departments, NASA Ames Research Center, National Guard Civil Support Teams, and multiple US Special Forces has been invaluable in the development and validation of Zephyr’s technology and its application in the most extreme operating environments to Measure Life… Anywhere!

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“Zephyr pioneered the BioHarnessTM technology with U.S. Special Forces, and first responders to monitor vital sign information within the context of activity, in both training and live operations. Zephyr strategically selected opportunities like joining the ng Connect Program in order to take our core technology and apply it to innovative ideas to deliver solutions for everyday applications. We have created a comprehensive approach to present useful physiological data in an understandable way, making it easy for the everyday user to keep an eye on their stress, fitness and general health. If service concepts like the ng Connect Program’s Avatrainer become a commercial reality, individuals will be able to own their data and share the information through social media.”

Brian Russell, CEO
Zephyr Technologies

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