World Class Creations

World Class Creations is a technology innovation company. Interactive systems are becoming increasingly more intelligent and human interaction with technology is becoming more streamlined. Our current focus is on delivering enhanced & immersive experiences in cloud connected entertainment thru the use of augmented reality, computer vision and spatial awareness. An example of this is our golf entertainment system. It is a golf cart mounted product that brings together the virtual world of video games and fantasy gaming to real life golf. It provides full 360° coverage of a player’s game linking golfers on different holes, courses and outings into a unified gaming experience.

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“We are excited to engage with the ng Connect program and look forward to pursuing the development of intelligent technologies that enhance user experiences. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with innovators across a broad spectrum of industries. The advent of 4G/LTE enables new concepts to be explored in cloud connected entertainment.”

Peter Bastawros, Founder & CEO
World Class Creations

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