On a mission to deliver Wellness within Reach™, Vitalae Corporate Services excels in developing programs targeting individual empowerment, enlightenment, and sustainable lifestyle changes. Utilizing our diverse resources such as advanced clinical testing, high quality nutraceuticals, and knowledgeable providers, Vitalae is able to seamlessly implement initiatives that are both meaningful and engaging.As part of our evolution, Vitalae Corporate Services has formed a strategic partnership with ng Connect member PMD Exports to integrate the MyWellnessBuddy™ personalized nutrition and wellness recommendation engine into our cloud-based MyVitaLink® portal. This will result in transforming our current MyVitaLink® web platform into a comprehensive Personal Digital Health solution. MyVitaLink® with MyWellnessBuddy™ empower individuals to be truly ‘connected’ and in control of their own health. They will be empowered to make positive changes through the use of rich communications, data analytics, personalized educational tools, HCP interactions, and connected personal health devices.

For more information about Vitalae visit their website.

“Vitalae Corporate Services specializes in designing and implementing premiere health and wellness solutions. We are excited to be part of the ng Connect Program as it will allow us to collaborate with like-minded members to leverage technological advances and expertise in order to evolve our Digital Health solutions to empower individuals to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes, now and well into the future.”

Dr. Margaret Bredehoft
Founder & Managing Director

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