VisionMAX is a custom enterprise software development and systems integration company with more than 12 years of experience creating custom enterprise solutions in a wide range of industries including Wireless, Retail, Cable TV/ipTV, and Government and Finance. VisionMAX provides innovative, proven, and deployed systems integration capabilities through its VisionEngine development platform including: multi-channel retail point of sale, integrated back-office and supply chain management, wireless service activation, 3-screen integrated IP video, and cloud computing application services. With our head office in the Toronto area and sales offices in the U.S., VisionMAX works with leading brands across North America, Caribbean, Central/South America and APAC. For more information, please visit

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“VisionMAX is excited to collaborate with ng Connect members on service concepts that we are certain will advance the retail and media & entertainment industries. VisionMAX is focused on creating innovative solutions to customer problems and making business easier for our clients. The ng Connect Program reflects these same values and we look forward to creating unique and compelling wireless service and device advancements leveraging 4G technologies and the VisionEngine development platform. We are developing 3-screen TV products and services that deliver seamless connection of platforms, applications, and content to delight and entertain, multi-channel retail point of sale tools to make business easier, and wireless service activation and supply chain applications to enable the next generation of 4G wireless services. The ng Connect Program is an ideal environment for us to showcase our capabilities.”

David McDougall, President

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