Telecommunications Users Association of NZ

TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association with over 27 years of positive telecommunications change in our history.

We comprise of over 200 members, predominantly large organisations with a strong dependency on telecommunications technology as well as small enterprises. At the top-end our members include

  • major government departments
  • major banks and credit card companies
  • insurance firms
  • supermarket and fast food chains
  • financial institutions
  • transport operators
  • universities and tertiary institutions
  • IT vendors
  • telecommunications carriers
  • leading exporters of both products and intellectual capital.

We are also here for the little guy – we serve a representative group of SMEs and individual members. These small businesses and residential users are the customers of our large corporate members, who are just as focused on the quality of their customers’ connectivity as their own.

For more information about Telecommunications Users Association of NZ visit their website.

TUANZ has a new organizational vision for New Zealand which is all around ensuring we take full advantage of the opportunities we have through digital technology.  We see being part of the ngconnect program as ensuring we keep abreast of the new and exciting developments in the field, as well as being able to bring the unique view of our organization, representing users of technology, to the program.

Craig Young, Chief Executive Officer, TUANZ

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