Taitien Electronics Ltd.

TAITIEN, a Quartz Frequency Control Product (FCP) provider, (former Tai Tien Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 1976) was established in March 2000. Our main products include X’TAL, OSC, VCXO, TCXO, QCM Sensor, and is the only manufacturer in Taiwan that provides the technique of OCXO. The complete product line enables one stop shopping service. TAITIEN is based in Taiwan and has manufacturing sites in United States and China. Operation and sales sites are located in Taiwan, United States, Europe and China. Our customers come from various fields including automotive, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications. TAITIEN focuses on innovation and invests heavily in research & development. Over these years, the company patented quartz-manufacturing technologies. Today, TAITIEN is the leader in quartz industry and continues to develop new technologies through extensive research.

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“For decades, we have engaged in the design and manufacturing of leading edge frequency control products. With the market environment changing faster than ever, looking ahead, we believe that development of high-value-added products and innovative businesses will be the concept of ng Connect Program. We are honored to be part of ng Connect innovation ecosystem and glad to be able to contribute to ng Connect environment. Our mission is to continue delivering next generation quartz-based solutions to fulfill the most-advanced needs of new markets and new applications. TIMING TELLS.”

ST Song, Founder and CEO
Taitien Electronics Ltd.

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