StationDigital Corporation is a multimedia digital broadcast company that offers free music streaming of over 23 million songs. StationDigital Corporation features both genre-based and artist-based music discovery stations to suit an endless variety of musical tastes, and a personal recommendation service to its more than three million users – all available both online and through its iOS and Android mobile apps. StationDigital Corporation’s users can customize their listening experience by selecting playlists and stations based on themes, interests and location, as well as favorite artists, songs or genre, and by providing feedback on the music they hear. StationDigital Corporation also offers the industry’s first Listener Rewards program in which users earn points for listening, sharing and inviting friends on social media to enjoy StationDigital Corporation. Listener Rewards points are redeemable in the StationDigital Corporation online store to purchase music, merchandise and additional discounts.

For more information about StationDigital visit their website.

StationDigital is excited to be a part of the ng Connect Program to innovate new mobile applications that are rapidly expanding because of broadband through LTE/4G. StationDigital is an entertainment platform for music, music videos, TV and Movies as well as physical goods which is developing on new devices, app stores, connected cars, cities, buses, planes as well as others following the massive explosion of new devices coming to market.

Timothy Roberts, Founder and Master Digital Architect, StationDigital Corporation

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