Oyokey Inc.

Oyokey is a cloud-based Addressing and Recognition Technology company based in Irving, Texas. Oyokey’s mission is to flatten the Internet information architecture and organize the Web, making it truly accessible and useful via Mobile devices, Emerging devices and Voice-based platforms. The traditional URL-Browser-Search model is not going to work on platforms such as Smart Watch, Connected Car, AR-VR, Voice Assistants and screen based IoT devices.

At Oyokey we are re-inventing the way information is addressed, accessed and presented. Using our solution, website owners can now create and present their Web content in a simple, fast and easy way on Mobile devices, Emerging devices and Voice-based platforms. We are pushing the boundaries of design and technology by developing innovative solutions such as a Keyword Based CMS and Engagement platform, “Hyper-Responsive” design for enhanced rendering of information, Voiceable URL and Voice Browser for accurate access of information using voice, a new IoT Addressing and Registry system

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As we continue to develop innovative products for the addressing, recognition and engagement markets, we are looking to partner with industry leaders in order to move our core technology to new progressive business models. With the ngConnect program and the exposure we gain, we are able to achieve this goal quickly. The ngConnect team is a pioneer in Voice systems with their work on the Connected Cars – we hope to learn and contribute to the growth of better engagement via Voice based systems. We are excited about joint product development opportunities and partnerships with member companies.

Nitin Anand, Founder, Oyokey Inc.

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