Nubo Software

Nubo Software allows enterprises to de-couple mobile app development, deployment & enablement from a physical iOS/Android device to a virtualized device operating on our Private or Public Cloud platform. By visualizing mobile apps & security to Nubo’s Cloud based platform, mobile app & security development gain significant agility, speed, simplification & radical cost reduction. Nubo’s platform has been designed & built with Telco grade scale. Nubo Cloud streams app functionality over Wifi and/or Wireless connectivity fabrics to a flat Nubo client residing on an iOS/Android devices. Using a patented remote display protocol called UX over IP, “zero data” is transmitted on the wire or resides on the device creating the highest levels of privacy and data protection with no compromises in app experience for the user.

Nubo’s platform shrinks Enterprise mobile threat perimeters to zero. As we like to say, “You cannot steal, what you cannot see”! UX over IP dynamically measure bandwidth quality & latency and adjusts framing rates accordingly to insure predictable & consistent user experiences across a range of wireless connectivity quality ranges. Providing “intelligence grade” security as an inherent part of our network transport protocol, provides tremendous flexibility in directing the most contextual, relevant & sensitive information to an enterprises mobile powered customers, partners, suppliers, contingent workers & employees.

Relationships & collaboration within the Enterprise ecosystem are strengthened because of the inherent security delivery of UX over IP. New 5G, MEC and SDN technologies from Nokia will help to improve app virtualization business impact because of the high speed, low latency networks coming to market from Nokia, its technology and distribution partners globally. We see an opportunity to disrupt a large segment of the mobile experience & security markets by shifting mobile app development /operations to Cloud & Network based platforms.

For more information about Nubo Software visit their website.

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