Myplanet Digital

Myplanet provides professional services, technology, and thought leadership to help organizations design, develop and improve web & mobile applications. We provide these services to Fortune 1000 organizations from our offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Chicago.

We build the right web-based applications faster, with less waste, by avoiding unproductive development cycles through our unique approach. We use an ‘outside-in’ methodology, which drives 2x to 3x time-to-market improvements through customer testing, highly integrated teams and rapid development frameworks. Our empowerment model helps ensure that we not only deliver, but also successfully transfer knowledge to our clients for long-term success.

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Myplanet is very pleased to be a member of the ng Connect community. By partnering with this community, we’ll drive deeper connections and share thought-leadership of innovation and ideas.  We believe that empowering enterprises to create incredible web-based products allow us to truly partner in driving our mutual goals.  We take pride in helping build products and technologies by our relentless efforts in understanding what users really want. Our agile and lean UX methodologies, let us do this both effectively and rapidly without compromising quality. Our team is dedicated and committed to working with our channel partners to be the leading service provider.

Jason Cottrell, Founder and CEO

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