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ManageMy Group is a Total Services Provider and Systems Integrator, ManageMy Group supplies the hardware and software, installs the equipment, monitors the operations and manages the following services over Fibre Infrastructures: – Build & Operate Fibre Networks – Total Telephony Services – Internet Access Services – Nurse Call systems – Emergency or Duress Alarms – Intercom Systems – Remote Door Access Solutions – IP and fixed security systems – CCTV solutions – Total Energy Management Solutions – Smart Metering solutions – Gate Access Systems – 24 x 7 Monitoring – Managing Call Centre – Billing Services What differentiates ManageMy Group from other Service Providers is the holistic approach we take to your needs. We offer a complete range of ALL the services, allowing you to ‘cherry pick’ the services required initially and allowing for future services over the same existing infrastructure. As a supplier, installer, operator and support for all the equipment and services, we are the ONE CONTACT POINT in the event of an issue or need for understanding of service functionality. Our aim is customer satisfaction with a single contact point for queries or complaints.

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“We are very pleased to be a part of the ng Connect family and look forward to the contribution we can bring to help create the next generation communications. We believe that the combined technologies, capabilities and efforts of all the members will result in solutions, features and applications which will enhance and improve the services available over a fast broadband world. Given that many of the members of ng Connect are world leaders in their fields, and that Alcatel-Lucent is in the forefront of this program, we believe we can all look forward to bringing richer user-friendly experiences to the market. By utilizing our position of being a Systems Integrator as well as a Total Service Provider, I believe we are in an ideal position to allow other partners to take advantage of our past experience by working with us to integrate their services into the ng Connect ‘one stop shop’ for a fuller range of services and solutions for the end users – we would be the conduit to ensure service quality and reliability. ManageMy Group looks forward to being part of the group in Australia and New Zealand, and will be pleased to hear from any potential international partners.”

Bill Marlow, Director
ManageMy Group Pty Ltd

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