Limbic IO

Limbic IO is a technology company focusing on an emergent system that brings human expression and emotion to the computer interface in a natural and human way. Limbic was founded by Mark Sagar and Scott Judson. The core technology is being researched by double academy award winner, Dr. Mark Sagar in his Laboratory for Animate Technologies housed in the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland. Limbic has a licence with the University to use all existing and future findings from this. Scott is a multi-award winning application designer and has a reputation for creating novel and imaginative applications for both the web and mobile platforms. He builds great teams to get the job done. Together Limbic is creating the future human computer interaction interfaces for devices we are using in our daily lives and creating opportunities for new interactions with a range of other devices and services.

For more information about Limbic IO visit their website.

“ng Connect is a perfect partner for Limbic. Our technology is a core component of next generation services and the program will link us to likeminded ng Connect partners so they can experience our new human computer interface technology for their own projects and customers.”

Scott Judson, CEO
Limbic IO Limited

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