LearningMate is a leading provider of end-to-end eLearning education solutions. The company has a significant presence in the United States, United Kingdom and India and serves a global clientele comprising of education publishers, online schools, universities, government agencies, non-profits and education consortia. We develop engaging, instructionally sound, interactive learning experiences that address our customers key education objectives.

LearningMate’s team has skill-sets relevant to the design, creation, and deployment of eLearning solutions. A team of two hundred experienced professionals including learning sciences researchers, instructional designers, product designers, project managers, content specialists, subject matter experts, graphic designers, creative visualizers, software engineers, and quality control specialists, work together to deliver relevant and engaging learning experiences on a variety of technology platforms and devices.

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“The promise of ultra high bandwidth everywhere is a powerful catalyst of change in the learning industry. Media rich, collaborative community learning experiences become a reality everywhere across any screen on any connected device. Working together the ng Connect membership can bring cutting-edge rich media content, dynamic learning models and engaging learning experiences to the market that are based on continuous engagement rather than intermittent intervention. This is a big step forward towards transforming managed learning from an intervention-based model to a life long continuous experience integrated into your life.”

Mohit Bhargava, President

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