Ideafy provides a complete range of methods, software and services to improve enterprise innovation.

Just as adventure transforms an ordinary life into a special one, innovation makes a business stand out and out compete rivals in its industry. As adventure, innovation may be found around the corner by sheer luck; most likely it is the result of a carefully planned effort including an ambitious target, a skilled team and the best equipment possible to reach the target.

Ideafy helps businesses design tailored innovation processes focused on execution. Ideafy teaches employees and key people the skills and techniques to drive innovation programs from brainstorming creative ideas to delivering customer-grade solutions, marketing and business models. Last, Ideafy delivers a cost-effective software platform to support the end-to-end innovation process and allows employees and/or external contributors to take an active part in the program. Try the Ideafy application today :   For the browser  or For the iPad

For more information about Ideafy visit their website.

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