Framework Interactive Technologies

Framework Interactive Technologies (F.I.T.™) is a software development group specializing in serious gamification content via console IPTV.  BodyRebuilt® (BRB™), the connected-home EduTrainment smart exercise and ortho sports medicine and PT/rehab program by Dr. Nick DiNubile, integrates musculoskeletal (muscles, bones and joints) tracking, teleHealth and wellness services with solutions for digital boomers and consumers. The BodyRebuilt® training program and series uses Microsoft’s Kinect and other monitoring motion traction skeletal tracking systems to provide physical therapy and rehabilitation, Through the utilization of video games, DVDs and the Transmedia process of FrameWork® IP Content publications,created by Dr. Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D., consumers can live longer, healthier lives. F.I.T.’s™ unique methodology and philosophy is able to successfully treat musculoskeletal aliments, disorders and diseases via 24/7 in-home remote access self-education and EduTrainment sessions.

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“Framework Interactive Technologies LLC. (F.I.T.™) recognizes the incredible value and enormous business opportunity to join with ng Connect Program by collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent and the other member companies. Proven by their successes, the members are true visionaries and we’re proud to be among them. ng Connect is helping to weave the technological fabric of modern society and reshaping the way people live, work and play and we look forward to contributing to this. We believe this relationship is a perfect F.I.T.™ within the serious gamification, telemedicine, and healthcare and wellness Industries.”

Frank Nein, Cofounder/SVP of Business Development & Marketing Communications

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