ECOLAND Development

ECOLAND Development is a living model to continuously innovate, test new products, services and business models for future cities, communities, municipalities and organizations. Its unique 5-Layer FRAMEWORK enables integration and validation of innovation from different verticals to rapidly transform concepts and business models into real-life solutions. It is designed to capture the highest values from nature, science, and technology to improve environmentally responsible living through optimized resources and minimum waste. In addition, ECOLAND Development enables its partners to showcase their innovations to their clients and gain instant feedback in a living environment.

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“We are building a model of the future city for 2020 and beyond. We believe our unique approach (FRAMEWORK) will be the first comprehensive way to address future community needs. We have great synergy with the ng Connect Program to assist other partners to rapidly validate their innovations in a living community.”

Tolga Erkmen, President
ECOLAND Development

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