Deutsche Telekom AG Representative Office China

Deutsche Telekom Representative Office (DT RO) China was established in 1996 in Beijing to represent and support the common interests of the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. The office acts as a bridge between Deutsche Telekom AG and China’s telecom/ IT community as well as regulatory bodies, including industry frontrunners and innovative companies. We build up and foster relationships with potential partners and search for business opportunities within the region.

Deutsche Telekom offers a broad range of communication, entertainment and IT services from a single source both for consumers and business customers. The solid foundation for this offering is and will continue to be a state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom’s objective is to be its customers’ first choice for connected life and work. In order to achieve this, the company has chosen to focus on four strategic areas:

Integrated networks for the gigabit society
We want to offer our customers the fastest and best connections at all times, without them having to worry about the technology. The goal is to provide seamless access, regardless of whether our customers are using smartphones, laptops, tablets or other devices.

More innovation by cooperation
We want to increasingly implement new ideas and developments on the basis of partnerships: In addition to in-house developments such as Entertain, the Media Center and PagePlace, we intend to establish partnerships and joint ventures to produce new services and offerings. We will make greater use of our venture capital company T-Venture in future in order to play a greater role in innovation. In addition, our new “incubator” for start-ups allows us to support innovative business ideas from the earliest stages of their development.

Secure cloud solutions
Cloud services, tailored to customer requirements, are becoming increasingly significant and represent a promising market. Based on T-Systems’ experience as a pioneer in business customer offerings, we now provide cloud solutions for all groups of customers, whether consumers or business customers – in short, the “cloud for all.”

Customer delight drives our action
We are pursuing the ambitious goal of delighting our customers, with our service and network quality, of course, but also with reliable, user-friendly and fairly-priced products and services. To do so, we are adopting new approaches to service as well. Our “Telekom helps” service channels on Facebook and Twitter are already very successful.

In China, DT has a separate division, T-system China, which provides services such as desktop services, systems integration, computing and network services and e-business for Chinese enterprises and public sectors. This office directly reports to DT headquarter while T-system China reports to T-system in DT Headquarter.

For more information about Deutsche Telekom AG Representative Office China visit their website.

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