The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) is an entrepreneurial support system dedicated to bringing together the resources, support and opportunities that Dallas-area entrepreneurs need to start, build and grow their businesses. Launched in 2013, the DEC connects entrepreneurs, corporations, investors, educators and other business and community leaders in order to advance the economic interests of the Dallas community. For more information, visit and follow the DEC on Twitter at @theDECtx.

For more information about DEC visit their website.

“The DEC is thrilled to be a Collaborating Member of the ng Connect Program. We appreciate how supportive ng Connect is of the startup community in Dallas and how they are committed to helping their members through marketing and public relations as well as concept development, and providing pertinent communication tools to their members. ng Connect is a clear leader and example in how we hope all corporations will connect and serve startups in the Dallas area.”

Trey Bowles, Co-Founder and CEO
Dallas Entrepreneur Center

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