CYVA Research

CYVA Research’s internationally patented Self-Determining Digital Persona™ (SDDP™) and Trusted Network Community®(TNC®) technologies empower consumers and their chosen custodians to securely control their digital identity and information assets anywhere, anytime. The firm’s innovative self-protecting, self-governing identity and information asset management technologies empower consumer-centric privacy and security at a wholly new and disruptive level. CYVA’s user-controlled identity and information asset management technologies are the foundation in strategically advancing trusted and secure m-commerce, location-based advertising, social networking and wireless health care applications and services.

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“It was encouraging to speak to Nash (Alcatel-Lucent) to learn more about ng Connect and who shares a mutual zeal for being an entrepreneur. We are very aware of the challenges in bringing disruptive innovations to market. I look forward to working with Nash and others in the ng Connect community who are motivated to meet the challenge.”

Kevin O’Neil, Founder & CEO
CYVA Research

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