CyberTel Bridge

CyberTel bridge is a Carrier-grade PTT (Push to Talk) Solution provider.  PTT is well-known communication tool for instant and group talk but has limited radio area. The company provides PTT solution based on IP (Internet protocol) network such as 4G LTE, 3G HSPA+ or WiFi of Telcos so workers in office and field can join in the same Instant-talking group without radio shadow area. It also provides a powerful management tool such as Dispatch console, Recording server as well as interoperability with VHF, UHF or TRS device. Specially, the solution is designed for Mission critical applications such as Public Safety, Defense sector. Running on Android or Windows OS, mobile SI partner can easily integrate the PTT application along with its own solution. It means the partner can cover both of AIDC (Auto Identification & Data capture) and LMR (Land mobile radio) market with a single device.

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Cybertel Bridge has been engaged in the IP-PTT (Push to Talk) business since 2008 and already has a proven reference collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent.  With the unique technology, we offer real-time Video PTT and it can leverage Alcatel Lucent’s solution especially in Public Safety, Defense and Public transportation industries.

Shinwook Kang, GM, Strategic Marketing, CyberTel Bridge

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