Content Interface Corporation

Content Interface Corporation (CIC) is a software development company and systems integrator with headquarters in Canada and offices in Japan and Vietnam. CIC develops innovative interactive software tools for the rapid access and display of multimedia digital content. Under the “The Content Is The Interface” philosophy, these tools allow designers to provide user interface windows into deep archives of information. Flexibility for the end user means that they can explore, discover and learn what is important to them as individuals through a wealth of rich media content.

CIC technology solutions work across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets to touch-screen kiosks and multi-user multi-touch video walls. Applications include mobile app for consumer and enterprise digital media browser, digital signage and interactive kiosk, rich-media content management, smart TV interface, medical imaging, and Ultra HD display system. It can also be adapted for visualization and analysis of “big data”.

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“As communication pipelines grows larger so does the potential for the democratisation of information and the ability for the public to explore and learn through visually intensive content. The cross-polination of ideas and experience afforded by the diverse membership of ng Connect program shall provide efficient development and implementation of innovative applications that take full advantage of 4G/LTE communication channels. Content Interface Corporation is pleased to be part of this forward-thinking group.”

Hao Le, CEO
Content Interface Corporation

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