Centrality is an ecosystem platform powered by Blockchain that supports each stage of the start up life cycle. Centrality takes a human centric approach that allows users to interact with a range of different applications with very low friction. This approach to technology allows businesses to work together to gain scale through shared acquisition of customers, data, merchants and content.m.

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“We’re honored to be the first New Zealand company invited to be part of ng Connect. For us, speed is life. This model of collaboration will help us overcome distance and give us a seat at the table with other like-minded international players, while helping to increase our speed of development. And crucially, it provides our best innovators the opportunity to stay in New Zealand. We applaud Nokia for having the vision to bring the ng Connect Program to New Zealand. We are also excited and inspired to provide feedback and input to other members in the Program and contribute to this interactive community.”

Mark Povey, Managing Director,

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