Augview is an Augmented Reality software development company specializing in the provision of mobile augmented reality GIS and asset management solutions for utilities, telcos and governments globally. The Augview app empowers field service personnel with cutting edge capabilities which provides direct business benefits, by increasing operator efficiency, reducing back-office overheads, improving data quality and data timeliness, reducing H&S risks, reducing litigation risks and reducing overall costs.

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Augview being a partner of the ng Connect Program will assist in promoting the use of new mobile augmented reality technologies for utilities, business, smart cities and personal use.  Mobile AR applications will place demands on broadband networks, and drive rapid uptake of new hardware technologies such as wearable computing, smart sensors etc..  The ability to bring together expertise and innovators from diverse backgrounds enlarges our capacity to contribute to this rapidly growing market.

Mike Bundock, CEO, Augview

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