Asia Pacific Telecom

Asia Pacific Telecom, founded in 2000, was formed by the parent company, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Co., Ltd. (originally named Eastern Broadband Telecommunications Co., Ltd) consolidating the subsidiaries, “Asia Pacific Mobile Broadband” and “Asia Pacific Online Service” respectively in 2007 and 2011, with the ultimate goal of integration of three major broadband businesses, Broadband Fixed Lines, Asia Pacific Telecom has enhanced its operation performance and business competitiveness aggressively by means of three core competitive strengths, i.e. integration, innovation and speed.

Asia Pacific adopts the business concept of offering quality and affordable telecommunication services. Over years, the image of affordable solutions, such as “APT Mobile Network In-Net Voice for Free”, “Buy Data, Plus Voice for Free” and “Both Mobile Data and Talks are substantial”, etc. have been well known and praised widely among consumers, and set the win-win paradigm for both business and consumer.

For more information about Asia Pacific Telecom visit their website.

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