AjillionMAX is a white-label mobile ad server, exchange and DSP, used by mobile ad networks, agencies and monetization platforms. In the past year, Ajillion has been taking over the ad tech industry one network at a time using its unique features, diversified business models, monetization solutions and wide support of ad formats including video, native ads and many more.

Platform’s main services:
· Mobile ad server, providing networks with the ability to manage and monetize publishers’ inventory, and manage advertisers’ campaigns
· Ad exchange allowing the networks to buy and sell from each other seamlessly
· DSP – which makes media more accessible from top traffic sources like inmobi, airpush, smaato, adiquity, madgic
· Click tracking – monitoring and unified reporting on clicks and conversions

Ajillion currently has over 100 clients, including some of the industry’s largest players including YBrant, Darriens, Inneractive, Marimedia, WPP (Madhouse India), Omnicom (Madhouse China), McCann Erickson, SayMedia, Spiral Solutions, WEBmedia, IronSource, Jemm and many more.

For more information about Ajillion visit their website.

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