Adax Inc.

Adax is an industry leader in high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network.  For over 30 years Adax has uniquely blended software and hardware expertise to create the most productive and efficient products in the telecom industry.  The broad and highly-flexible Adax product set consists of protocol controllers, packet processing boards, software protocols, and now integrated systems for LTE and NGN Mobile Network Nodes, Security Gateways, Femto/Home eNodeB Gateways, Diameter Signaling, Policy Control Servers, Charging and Billing Systems and Mobile Data Offload.  Adax meets today’s challenges of scalability, cost effectiveness and high availability with solutions for LTE, 3G, and Legacy networks and the interworking between them.

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As a long-standing partner and supplier to Alcatel Lucent, Adax is pleased to join the ng Connect Program in providing leading edge flexible and scalable hardware and software solutions for legacy to LTE networks.  Thousands of Adax boards have been deployed and are still operational worldwide complemented by the Adax SIGTRAN and Signaling Gateway products.  Adax looks forward to offering the signaling and offload expertise to other protocols with new product offerings in the AdaxEPC, SeG+/IPsec, Diameter, GTP, and DPI products as a trusted collaborating member in the ng Connect Program.

Tim P. Chun, Director of Sales

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