2cimple enables brands with a simpler way to drive sales faster and create deeper brand engagement by combining video content, tools (ratings, reviews, price , etc.) and direct-to-cart through mobile, social and web.

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“We are very excited to join the ng Connect Program. This unique ecosystem will not only create new synergistic relationships with existing members, but also provide creative and solution based services for the next generation networks and support systems. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions that offer simplicity, without sacrifice in all of our interactive tools. Our goal for this ecosystem is to connect with and inspire our fellow members, while developing ideas and strategies that will create a simple workflow that supports content enabled commerce for the end user. We want to be the leader in this new space of content enabled commerce within social newsfeeds, mobile apps and online experiences. Alcatel-Lucent has created a special environment for us to excel and deliver to the worldwide audience.”

Syed Abbas, Founder and CEO
2Cimple, Inc.

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