Making Connections: Multiplatform Outlook in a Diverse Mobile Landscape

By 2015, International Data Corporation pundits project 45.4% of mobile phones to be Android, while Windows Operating System and iOS phones will capture 20.9% and global 15.3% of market share respectively.
This diverse digital landscape means that companies will need to adapt to a variety of operating systems within the next few years to remain competitive.

Our experience as a digital distributor of video games online has illuminated for us this major trend: the burgeoning consumer demand to access content anywhere, anytime, on any device – and that means on any operating system. Therefore the ultimate goal of content providers should be to provide digital content in any medium to any device, be it an iPad, a Droid phone, a laptop computer or an Internet-compatible television. In the near future, consumers will expect to access the same information via all of these devices.

As we are becoming a more connected society, bridging the divide between operating systems makes logical and fiscal sense. You want to be able to reach the iPhone user in France, the Blackberry user in the U.K. and the Droid user in Germany. (View a map of the world’s mobile operating system market share.)

One industry where this will be especially true is mobile gaming. Like the growth of smartphones, the mobile gaming market has also exploded recently and is expected to continue to grow. According to a survey conducted by Information Solutions Group, more than one-third of U.S. and U.K. adults play mobile games at least once a month, and 45 percent of those mobile gamers play daily. And with the proliferation of next generation technologies including LTE, cloud computing and multimedia, content like mobile gaming will continue to grow in popularity and drive the consumption of content beyond one device and operating system to any device, any time.

At Media Speed Tech we foresee strong new revenue opportunities for those carriers and content developers who can support new technology to stream mobile games to all of the major mobile devices, regardless of their OS.  The world will truly be operating-system agnostic, and the sooner these industries can plan for this new world, the better.

How is your company planning to cater to the array of operating systems and devices sprinkled across the globe? What do you see as the potential challenges?

Kendra Gemma
Media Speed Tech

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