LTE Connected Car Launches in NYC

On November 3, we showed publically — for the first time — the LTE Connected Car project. The ng Connect member companies involved in the project (Alcatel-Lucent, QNX Software Systems, Atlantic Records, Kabillion, chumby and Toyota Motor Sales USA) all came together to make this concept car a reality. It’s physically the largest Solution Concept we have put forward as a group and had the most moving parts – in all ways!

We introduced the car to media and bloggers at the Altman Building in NYC, in a low key technology showcase style designed to give each guest as much time as possible in the car and talking to our subject matter experts. Check it out:

LTE Connected Car in NYC


The order of the day was come in, tour the car, check out the ng Connect vision videos, grab time with member company representatives — very chill, and in no way like the kind of corporate speed dating PR/AR events I have attended.

I want to give a little shout out to Dan, Andy, Linda and Kris from QNX who dedicated their time at this launch. They hold a wealth of knowledge, and QNX is a great partner. I’d also like to recognize Paul and Eric from Atlantic who so elegantly guide the vision of the connected entertainment experience. 

The audience was predominantly press, blogger, podcasters and I really appreciated the open comments from many of the media who attended. Great feedback! Steve West always says we’re car guys so we’re jazzed about it, but you never really feel a sense of accomplishment until you see how jazzed others are about what the whole team has worked on. 

This project and the event itself really acted as a focus group for me. It was the first time we had experts in their field discuss with us their impressions of the outcome of the collaboration. The theme of ng Connect really resonated with everyone I spoke to. The buzz was all about “How does connectivity change the user experience?” When we connect a device as large as a car we open up a new frontier for passenger safety, apps, and M2M. This car is as much a tool to stimulate dialogue amongst relevant parties as it is an ng Connect proof point.

I guarantee you this is one area to watch. Significant investment in connected vehicle technology is being made and I’m really pleased to be a part of the ecosystem sharing ideas on both what could be and how we get there. The LTE Connected Car truly shows how LTE has the potential to change us, from driving and riding in the car, to the way we shop, play games and so much more.  It’s one thing to see the pictures and read about the car and quite another to experience it in person. I hope you can plan to see it when it arrives at CES in Vegas in January, or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.  

For more info on the LTE Connected Car or to see the “Making of the Connected Car” documentary, check out the microsite at

Derek Kuhn, Alcatel-Lucent

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