Lights, Camera, Car!

Each New Year is a new opportunity, and the innovative Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in early January showcases new technology that will not just shape the year, but sometimes many years ahead. Since launching the ng Connect Program last February, we wanted to show the world of consumer electronics the advantages LTE and 4G will bring their industry, and CES was the ideal place to accomplish this.

The ng Connect Program was present at CES this year, demonstrating nine Solution Concepts including the popular LTE Connected Car in the Alcatel-Lucent booth.


Visitors all wanted the chance to see the LTE Connected Car up close and personal and to check out the new features including home control with Intamac and high speed multi-player gaming with GameStreamer. Crowding just to get a peek, people had to wait in line for their turn to see the car and asked the recurring question, “When can I get one?”

Some of the other demonstrations that drew the most attention included our innovative digital signage concepts, including Video-Enhanced Interactive Digital Signage with member MediaTile and the Connected Camera, where visitors had their pictures taken and instantly geotagged, stored online and then able to be accessed via the internet. BUZZMEDIA’s CelebMap also got people buzzing as it combined location-based information with celebrity content. Everyone wanted to see what celebs were closest to the Venetian – “Looks like Paris just had lunch! Let’s see if we can find her!”

Many member companies were also present at the booth – Gemalto, Intamac, MediaTile and QNX – and on the eve of the show, ng Connect hosted a mixer for 65 members and potential new members. As the margaritas flowed, so did great conversations on the exciting capabilities LTE promises to bring to the consumer electronics industry.

It was a great show for the ng Connect Program! We met with 20 analysts and reporters during the show, and received positive coverage including being listed by LAPTOP magazine as one of the top trends from CES that will define 2010, as well as being the subject of an amazing and informative video on the LTE Connected Car from CNET’s Car Tech team who visited us on the last day of the show.

We’re pleased to report that more than 1,000 people visited the private Alcatel-Lucent booth located at the Venetian Hotel, a short bus ride from the main event at the Convention Center. As we celebrate the first anniversary of ng Connect we also celebrate this confirmation of our value and relevance to the industry.

Alicia Mickelsen, Breakaway Communications

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