Connecting The World Through A Song

Most of us are very passionate about their music. Some are always at the cutting edge of finding new music, and some are comfortable to go back to the same artists that touched their souls; and they continue to be loyal to them.

Today, we are usually all alone when we listen to our music, though statistically, there are probably more than a few people in the world that listen to the same song at exactly the same second.

At TuneWiki, we strive to connect people that listen to the same music. In order to achieve this task, we created a Social Media Player that breaks out of the box of traditional music players. We discovered a very important element of the song while enjoying music …the lyrics! Lyrics are displayed in line with the music, and can be translated in real time to 40+ languages. Users can correct the timing of the lyrics or add missing lyrics and time them to the music just by clicking the screen line by line. One user can time the lyrics for the whole world. The ability to allow users to understand the lyrics in their own language is the first step to connect the world through a song.

Lyrics in Original Language Translation to Arabic Translation to Chinese 

The next step is to add location based music. Since the cellular handset is capable of giving location, we can find all the people that listen to the same song and present them on the world map. The following is an excellent example how music can cross any border and culture. I was listening to Kanye West in Israel while at the same time users in Egypt, France and the US were listening to the same song.

Now we can take all this information and put it on maps. We can show the user who and what plays near him/her, or in any city in the world.


This is an example of music played around Paris. When you find a song you like, you can just click on it and it will start playing from YouTube.

Having the information per location allows us to build, in real-time, the most interesting charts in the music industry! Charts that show what people are really listening to. The following screen shot shows the top 50, by the month, week, day or last hour at China. These charts are great for exploring music from other countries. Try to find the most popular song in China. It will be next to impossible to find it if you do not know to read and write Chinese. The Live Charts that we developed allow you to explore local music in any country… and when you play it, you can translate to your own language.

Now, if you want to share any song with you friends, we allow 1-click connectivity to your social networks and will allow your friends to experience the same song that you are listening to in our website

Decide between “Love It” “Hate it” or “Custom message”

We intend to expand this real-time knowledge of what people are listening to, to be  presented in many other product like the “connected car” project of the ng Connect Program, where we can show users, based on their location, what people listen to, and allowing them to connect to those people.

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