The ng Connect Program has a truly global reach and impact. Globally, the IoT Community is an ecosystem of innovators that share expertise and technology to develop prototypes and market trial for IoT products, solutions, and services that customers want most. In Australia and New Zealand, it is leveraging the innovation potential of national ultra-fast broadband programs. In Asia Pacific, it has attracted an ecosystem of innovative regional companies developing new solution concepts for a regional but also a worldwide market. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), ng Connect members are fostering new business opportunities in a diverse region containing two third of the world’s countries. In the Americas, members focus on a broad range of ultra-fast broadband and cloud-based services in Healthcare, Transportation, Public Safety, Utilities, Retail and more.

IoT Community

The IoT Community of the ng Connect Program brings innovative companies together to collaborate on solution concepts, end-to-end prototypes, business models, and market trials that will unleash the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).


New Zealand

With ultra-fast broadband rolling out in New Zealand, the ng Connect Program enables local companies, universities and research institutions to collaborate with global leaders on high-speed broadband applications, for use by New Zealand end-users and to generate export earnings.

“A place for New Zealand innovators to connect and contribute to our new value economy…”



The National Broadband Network will provide every Australian with access to ultra-broadband & in doing provide a major enabling platform for Australian innovation. According to the Australian Innovation System Report, innovative businesses that collaborate are more likely to increase productivity, profitability & the range of goods or services they offer. By facilitating collaboration and connecting broadband service development to real market requirements ng Connect is multiplying the impact of Australian innovation.



Asia Pacific is both source and market for a dynamic ICT industry. The ng Connect Program has attracted many innovative regional companies into the ecosystem to develop new service concepts and are taking them not only to APAC service providers, but also to the worldwide market.


The Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region hosts two third of countries in the world. It offers the broadest contrast in term of geographies, climate, economies, policies, and culture. As the challenges to meet are so broad and different, there is always a market opportunity for the entrepreneurs and the innovators. ng Connect in EMEA will leverage the opportunities specific to the region, offering a combination of new market and collaboration opportunities for service concepts designed with the global ng Connect Program, while fostering new ideas and business opportunities for our members of the region.


Founding companies of the ng Connect Program initially came together to support the launch of LTE services into the market place. With LTE based services a reality in the Americas, the regional membership has turned their attention to a broader range of ultra-fast broadband and cloud based services in the areas of Healthcare, Transportation, Public Safety, Utilities, Financial Services, Retail and more.

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