Can 4G/LTE make a media company’s dreams come true?

Exclusive news stories can boost ratings, but it’s hard to predict where news will happen. Media companies know that to stay ahead of the competition in a fast-paced world of 24-hour news cycles, they must enable field teams to stream live video from anywhere, anytime.

Often satellite or microwave trucks take too long to arrive on scene and set up before transmitting to the studio, they are expensive to operate with specialized personnel, and in some cases just aren’t available for out-of-town events.

Reporters and crew can find themselves in crowded and potentially volatile breaking news situations where large trucks and bulky equipment just can’t be brought in to cover the action.

Just imagine what 4G/LTE could bring to this industry. By taking advantage of new, ultra-high bandwidth networks, media companies can stream live from almost any device – including phones, tablets or laptops with their existing pro cameras, and it all could be transmitted with real-time HD-quality video.

Once 4G/LTE is completely ubiquitous around the world, it can help everything from reporting from huge international events like the upcoming royal nuptials, to local school board meetings to emergency situations like the recent tragedy in Japan.  During critical times, news is key, and, with 4G/LTE networks in place, information will travel that much faster and reliably.

Media companies are looking at ways to improve reporting, and one big way is to no longer rely solely on satellite or microwave trucks. There are offerings out there now that support live mobile video reporting, without the need for a huge truck and logistical nightmare.  Eliminating that equipment will only be possible with 4G/LTE, and now that service providers are rolling it out across the U.S., it’s not just a dream– but a reality.

How do you think 4G/LTE will change the media industry?

Jennifer Blome
LiveCast Media, Inc

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