Cable + 4G = Match Made in Heaven: Live from CableLabs

4G has been all the buzz, capturing the attention of carriers across the United States – and indeed around the world – as they begin to roll out LTE and other 4G networks to provide real high-speed connectivity.  As mobility continues to grow in importance for the cable industry, MSOs are now starting to take a closer look at the technology as well, given the need to meet consumer demand for next-generation services.

To showcase the possibilities available to help cable operators offer broadband connectivity at anytime, anywhere to any device, the ng Connect Program brought the LTE Connected Car to CableLabs, the members-only conference and technology showcase which provides attendees with current information about changing technology and supporting business and strategy objectives for the cable industry.  This event is important to our team because we’re passionate about next generation wireless technologies and the immense opportunity they can bring the cable community. 

With service providers planning to roll out LTE networks as early as this November, cable companies are starting to explore the advantages that faster, highly reliable 4G networks provide and the additional revenue streams and competitive advantages they offer.  LTE or other 4G technologies can enable cable companies to package mobile broadband services as part of “quadruple play deals” with home Internet, mobile broadband, television service and home voice calling – giving cable companies a way to compete with wireless service providers and offer the fast next-generation mobile services to customers.  

Nowadays the world is not strictly divided into cable operators, wireless providers and ISPs – it’s become blurry as they continue to encroach on each other’s industries to become “converged carriers.”  It’s important for these companies to diversify and offer the best services to their customers in a bundled offering.  The triple play option from most carriers has reduced churn and increased profit – and now with mobile on the table, the opportunity is even more intriguing.

At CableLabs, cable executives spoke with ng Connect member company Alcatel-Lucent with great excitement about the LTE Connected Car and the new business models that are possible with this technology.  ng Connect’s objective to develop concept services with next-generation devices and applications today that engage every link in the digital value chain, helps to show the cable industry the future of breaking down barriers – allowing content to be king with a seamless movement of that content to wherever the customer wants to be. 

Watching your favorite TV show on the DVR, pressing pause and then enjoying the ending wherever you are – on your mobile phone, on your laptop, or even in your car – could soon be a reality, along with a host of other new and innovative services linking the home cable TV and broadband environment with mobility.

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