BlogRadio Joins Forces with ng Connect

Here at BlogRadio, we are thrilled to collaborate with the ng Connect Program and its members. Given the depth of expertise of the members of ng Connect, we’re confident we can find new and exciting ways to innovate with the wide range of companies and industries represented in the program.

The mobile industry is in a unique place. More and more manufacturers of mobile devices are looking for great applications to entice new users, and we’re right on the cusp of that wave. As a consumer, I personally am excited to see what new apps come into the marketplace, and as an app marketer, I get plenty of ideas from the “competition.” The great thing is the industry is big enough for all the players.

At BlogRadio, we love hearing unique ideas for our text-to-speech streaming content reader. While we designed it to read blogs, we’ve gotten ideas from users on how to implement our technology in medicine, automobiles, and smart TVs, as well as how to combat illiteracy and provide accessibility solutions for the visually impaired. We look forward to seeing what new ideas we can generate by working within ng Connect.

Tirrell Payton, Chief Product Strategist, BlogRadio

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